Welcome to COPE; a children's brand designed to increase the disaster resilience of children.

Through the lives of 4 orphan children, Candy, Ollie, Ping and Eddy and under the guidance of Grand Mistress Fu, they embark on journeys of discovery into the world of disasters.

Based at the COPE Academy, the COPE Squad are trained up as special disaster risk reduction agents and learn how to prepare for these unexpected events through key instructional messages and mindfulness.

The COPE Squad’s mission is to educate children from all over the world, so they can become COPE Champions to act as role models in their community.

This charming and informative series covers disasters ranging from floods to earthquakes, wildfires to storm surges and provides coping tools, preparedness and relatable stories in an imaginative and easy to understand way.


The Disaster Book Series

In addition to the published books below we plan on adding the following books to the COPE Disaster series – Landslides, Cyclones, Storm Surges, Heatwaves, Volcanoes, Wildfires and Droughts.

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