The COPE Contributors

Martha Keswick

Cope Author

Martha Keswick is the author of the bilingual Max and Mei picture books, the factual Zhongguo Mingren series and the action-packed Pangu comic book series. Martha’s work for the Keswick Foundation often supports disaster related projects in China. Martha lives in Hong Kong with her husband, their four children and two dogs.

Mariko Jesse

Cope Illustrator

Mariko Jesse studied at Central St Martins, where she went on to be an Associate Lecturer. She is an acclaimed freelance illustrator, working on a variety of projects around the world from picture books to ceramics. Mariko lives in Tokyo where she always in a state of preparedness for earthquakes.

Dr Timothy Sim

Cope Editor

Dr Timothy Sim is Deputy Director, WHOCC, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He started out as a social worker, specializing in family therapy and now focuses on disaster risk reduction, writing many books in Chinese and English